Friday, August 21, 2009

The Squirrels will kill us all

Squirrels are getting arrogant, soon it will come to war. We have to strike first to stop the squirrel menace. Check out this trio of bizzare squirrel stories:

Crack addicted squirrels terrorize south London


"Crack squirrels are a recognised problem in America. They are common in parks used by addicts in New York and Washington DC.
They have been known to attack park visitors in their search for a fix."

Russian Squirrels attack and kill dog


"The attack was reported in parkland in the centre of Lazo, a village in the Maritime Territory, and was witnessed by three local people.
A "big" stray dog was nosing about the trees and barking at squirrels hiding in branches overhead when a number of them suddenly descended and attacked, reports say.

"They literally gutted the dog," local journalist Anastasia Trubitsina told Komsomolskaya Pravda newspaper."

Grey Squirrels invade Nut House


"A Northern Ireland woman is on the front line of the ongoing battle against grey squirrel hordes after her house was invaded by massed sciurine forces, the BBC reports.

Oonagh Nutt, of Moira in County Down, explained that the incursion began when advanced squirrel patrols entered her garden from a nearby park. She said: "I thought it was lovely, I called one of them Hazel but then the next thing they'd got into the house."

That was 18 months ago, and since then the creatures have set about trashing Nutt's house. She continued: "They chewed their way through my roof in several places, they tunnel through the cavity walls, they live under the floor boards, they go to the toilet in the attic."

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