Thursday, March 18, 2010

Happy St. Patricks' Day

What would St. Patrick's day be without two bozos getting shot to death after dressing up like Leaprechauns and robbing a bank?


Two bank robbery suspects, including one dressed in a green leprechaun costume, were shot dead after a St. Patrick's Day chase and shootout with police in Tennessee, authorities said.

First State Bank in the Nashville suburb of Gallatin was held up by a man who wore a green costume and carried a large-caliber gun at 12:28 p.m. Wednesday, said Sgt. Bill Storment, a spokesman for the Gallatin Police Department.

Sharon Riehemann (REE'-muhn), manager of the Fifth Third Bank next door, said the costumed man - wearing a green top hat, vest and shorts and a fake brown beard and wig - had come into her bank a few minutes before the robbery. The lobby was crowded with lunchtime customers.

I guess Lucky must've been pretty hard up for cash there after the kids finally stole all his Lucky Charms.

And of course, no St. Patrick's day would be complete without at least one view of the classic "Gimme da gold!" rap video:

I've watched this thing like 17 times today.