Tuesday, July 26, 2016

San Diego Comic Con 2016

Got back from the San Diego Comic con, had a great time! The weather was a lot cooler this year, but the crowd was as massive as ever. On with the pics!

There were these weird statues and benches from Kentucky Fried Chicken all over the place, with the Colonel's head on them. Very funny, and very bizarre.

An KFC bench. I thought the legs were funny.

Giant Power Puff Girls at the fountain outside

Adult Swim On the Green - for the last couple of years Adult Swim has this little mini-carnival around back of the convention center, with different (strange) games that you can get prize tickets for, for different (strange) prizes.

When did Adult Swim get so weird?

Along the side of the convention center FOX had a full set up for all of their new TV shows. This was from a show called "The Strain."

Charile "Green man" chair from It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia

Pam from Archer

Don't know what this is from but it's cool.

They were giving away free drinks at Paddy' pub.

These guys were part of a little mini-parade

My Honey with a unicorn-centaur with gummy worm legs.

Not sure what these guys were supposed to be. Pill capsules?

There was this museum down the street that had a Star Trek art exhibit. This is On the Edge of Forever by Sue Beatrice

The Bridge, by Glen Brogan

It's Your Galaxy Too, Joe Corroney

Dance of the Orion Women, Joe Corroney

Risk is Our Business, Mick Cassidy

Alton Takeyasu, Spock's Ride

Anna-Maria Young, They're Dead Jim

Mayim Balijk, Christopher Ryan Ross, Phasers Set To Stunning

Joker Trump

The "Smack My Uvula" rope ladder challenge at the Adult Swim carnival. Suffice to say both me and my wife bailed on it.

Warcraft Orc at the Weta Workshop booth

Minas Tirith model

The House of Beorn. These little models were incredibly detailed.


The Shire


More Warcraft stuff

The Nickelodeon booth

This is from a live action Futurama fan film which looked pretty awesome. It had very high production values.

The cast of Supernatural

The Walking Dead display had a mix of mannequins and live actors dressed as zombies.

The Power Puff Girls

At the Hasbro booth every year they have a Marvel Legends action figure display. This year it was really outstanding.

Wonderwoman Barbie

The invisible Jet

Godzilla figures

Costumes from the upcomming Wonder Woman movie

Action comics #1

Amazing Fantasy #15. It was only $17,000. If any of you guys are thinking about Christmas gifts for me...

The Incredible Hulk #1

The first issue of Captain America

These little Game Of Thrones models were amazing

Oversized Super Powers figures from Gentle Giant

Life sized Harley Quinn POP figure. The line was so long to get into the POP booth I didn't even bother trying.