Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Stan Lee's Comickaze 2012

Hello folks.

Some of you may know that I independently publish my own comic book series (of which you can check out here.) So anyway over the past few years I've been doing conventions with my friend Allen from Carter Comics. We just got back from Comickaze 2012 in Los Angeles, and it was a great show. Good crowd, lots of guest celebrities, and of course excellent cosplayers. Below are some of the better ones who came by my table. 

The big arm was made from wood, and is fully articulated (including fingers.)

Laid back Stormtrooper

 A very pretty Hawkgirl

Sexy Venom

Zero fucks given Sonic

Why do you wear that stupid human suit?

Sonic cosplayers always kind of scared me.

Hey, my eyes are up here.

Best Joker of the show.

A Victorian rouge's gallery.