Saturday, November 2, 2013

Halloween Oreoes

I've always loved Halloween, it's a holiday about dressing up like a monster, eating tons of sugar, getting blitzed and partying. As far as holidays go, it has zero redeeming social value.

One thing I've noticed recently is that all the yummy cookies and candy and crap that I had growing up is suddenly coming in all these weird flavors - coconut M&Ms, tropical Skittles, Starburst favored candy corn, etc. Plus we always get a nice profusion of things that are pumpkin flavored around this time - pumpkin pie, pumpkin coffee, pumpkin bagels, and so on.

Enter Halloween Oreos. 

Unfortunately, despite the attractive packaging and enticing orange color, these are simply ordinary doublestuffed Oreos, lacking in any pumpkin flavor.

But hey, Oreoes are Oreos, right?

Happy belated Halloween everybody.