Sunday, August 20, 2017

San Diego Comic Con 2017 pics

This year I got to go for three days to the San Diego Comic con, and even that isn't enough time to see and do everything. Every year it just gets bigger and bigger. They should just make the con go for the entire week.

On with the pics!

This Alien statue was set up outside of the con, not sure if this was a promotion or something somebody just made.

From the Tick promotion. There's always several different walk-in exhibits or activities outside of the con. Problem is there's so many people and the lines are always very long.

The Batcave.

DC bombshell figures.

From the DC Justice League booth

Strollers made up to look like landspeeders. Cute enough for me to take a pic with somebody else's kid.

Balloon Predator

Ghost in the Shell, from the Weta workshop.

Some kind of board game using giant mechas.

These Simpsons decorated utility boxes seemed to be all over the city. I wonder what the story is behind them?

It wouldn't be comic con without religious nuts. They're quickly becoming a tradition.

These knights ran a bag check, and would hold your stuff for you (for a price.)


Must we go Hawaiian?

Real life Batmobile

From the Kong: Skull Island exhibit.