Saturday, April 30, 2016

Monsterpalooza 2016

Monsterpalooza was a great show this year. Instead of the Burbank Marriott hotel they moved it to the Pasadena Convention center, which gave us a much bigger floor space, and a much bigger crowd. These conventions are my favorite every year.

On with the pics!



I was a teenage werewolf

This custom made Joker slot machine used videogame-eque sound effects and music. If you line up all three slots, the machine spits out the play-money, but then steals it all back with the Joker laughing at you. 

This is my own work, sold it before I could get proper pics.

Weird reptile lady

The Fly!

A tribute to Forest J. Ackerman

The Amazing Enshohma hanging out with John Coffey from the Green Mile


This suit was like 9 feet tall, with articulated fingers and an electronic voice changer. Fantastic!

An American Werewolf in London

Thriller Werewolf

Enshohma with Lovecraft's Bloated Woman.

Of everything there, this set up was genuinely creepy. This will give me nightmares.