Monday, December 28, 2009

Scientists Create hideous glowing Frog/Jellyfish Hybrids

I for one welcome our new Glow in the dark Frog-Jellyfish overlords.


African clawed frog tadpoles modified with jellyfish genes show promise as a faster and less expensive way to detect pollution than traditional methods, say a University of Wyoming professor and researchers in France.What's more, the green-glowing tadpoles indicate whether pollution exists in a form that can be absorbed by an organism and therefore might be dangerous to people. That's more difficult with conventional methods."We're tracking dosages that would show up in terms of development in either a person or a tadpole," said Paul Johnson, a physics and astronomy professor at the University of Wyoming.Some tadpoles have been engineered to light up in response to metals. Others fluoresce when exposed to pollution from plastic that might cause health problems by mimicking the hormone estrogen.

While we're at it let's make them 200 feet tall and breathe fire too.

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