Saturday, December 19, 2009

Redneck Christmas Display


A Christmas display featuring Jesus shooting Santa Claus and a run-over Rudolph is riling some residents of a California neighborhood, KCOY-TV in Santa Maria, Calif., reported.Homeowner Ron Lake said his Christmas display in Nipomo is an expression of his repressed creativity, and that Santa represents the commercialism of Christmas.His neighbors disagree and they're upset -- they say the disturbing display will upset children. A school bus stop is just outside the fence that separates the display from the town's main roads."I know it's freedom of speech, but it's pretty disturbing and there are lots of children. That's our main concern," one neighbor said.Police said they can't force the homeowner to take down the display because it's on private property. Neighbors say they are planning to start a petition to get the display removed.

Make sure to check out the video so you can see his "art." I wonder what this guy would say if I made a scene of a big Pink Rabbit with a basket of Eggs crucifying Jesus on Easter Sunday.

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