Friday, January 20, 2017

Guillermo Del Toro's "At Home With Monsters"

This past November I was lucky enough to catch the Guillermo Del Tormo exhibit  at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA.) Apparently all of these items are taken from his personal collection. I was fortunate enough to see it the weekend before the exhibit closed.

What I found impressive was the mix of movie props, design artwork, strange specimens, and artwork from antiquity. You'd see a marquee from Pacific Rim, next to comic book pages from the early 80's, concept art from a Disney film from the 1940's, then a painting from the late 19th century.

The Death Angel, from Hellboy

Illustrated manuscript, from Pan's Labyrinth

The Faun, from Pan's Labyrinth

From Hell, Chapter 8, page 28

From Hell, Epilogue, Page 10

John Atkinson Grimshaw, The Rookery, 1885

Arthur Rackham, The Sleep of Brunhilde, 1980 

Charles Altmont Doyle, A Ghost Story, 1860

Charles Altamont Doyle, O: I am So Glad to Meet You, 1888

Models inspired by The Time Machine, 1960

Brian Poor, Phoenix, 2008

Thomas Kuebler, Feejee Mermaid, 2009

Richard Corben, Portrait of Cousin Eerie, 1974

 Richard Corben, Portrait of Uncle Creepy, 1981

Basil Gogos, Hellboy, 2004

Insect Effigy, 1200 - 1520. Mexico, Central Mexico, Aztec

Spectral Motion, Kaiju Parasite, 2013. From Pacific Rim

Jamie Beswarick, Xenodefugio Subtiltus, 2009

Christopher Marley, Lanternflies, 2010

Zdzislaw Beksinski Untitled (Apocalypse) 1975

Giovanni Battista Piranesi
Etching from the series Le Carceri d'invenzione (Imaginary Prisons), 1761

Pieter van der Heyden After Pieter Bruegel the Elder
Christ's Descent into Limbo, 1561

Big Fish Eat Little Fish, 1557

Francisco Goya y Lucientes
Etchings from the portfolio
Los Caprichos, 1799

Julio Ruelas
El Reposo del Trovador (The Troubador's Rest) 1906

Laurent Gapaillard, Waterfall, 2016

Giovanni Battista Piranesi
Etching from the series Le Carceri d'invenzione (Imaginary Prisons), 1761

John Lounsbery
Concept art for Walt Disney's Alice in Wonderland, 1951

Eyvind Earle, 
Concept art for Walk Disney's Sleeping Beauty, 1959

Eyvind Earle, 
Concept art for Walk Disney's Sleeping Beauty, 1959

Mary Blair
Concept art for Walt Disney's The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad, 1949

Gustaf Tenggren
Concept art for Walt Disney's Pinocchio, 1940

From Pacific Rim

 Concept art from Pan's Labyrinth

The Pale Man, from Pan's Labyrinth

Raul Monge,
Concept art for Pan's Labyrinth

Mike Mignola 
Concept art for Blade II

Elko Ishioka, Mask, from Bram Stoker's Dracula, 1992

James Ensor, Death chasing the flock of mortals, 1896

Julio Ruelas, Hangman, 1901

Chet Zar, The Evil Eye, 2010

H.R. Giger, The Tourist

Wayne Barlowe, Concept art for Hellboy 2002 and HellboyII: The Golden Army, 2002

Guillermo del Toro, De Ogros, 1989

Christopher Ulrich, Dystopia! "Feed by beast with your blood," 2011

Slattern and Gypsy Danger from Pacific Rim

Ricardo Linares Garcia, Alebrije, 2015

Ryan Matthew Cohn, Beauchene Skull, 2013

Kristen Phillips, Birdipede II, 2015

Bernie Wrightson, Frankenstien

Joel Daavid, Bound by Nature, 2008

Guillermo del Toro, Santi, 2001
Concept art for the Devil's Backbone

Wayne Barlowe, Sargatanas

Moebius, The Great Ancestors, 2006

James Cameron, Concept art for Aliens, 1986

Kay Nielsen, Concept art for Walt Disney's Fantasia, 1940

Felipe Ehrenberg, Alchemist's Diary, 1993

Marc Davis, Medusa, 1969
From Disneyland's Haunted Mansion

Winsor McCay, Gertie the Dinosaur, 1921

Giovanni Battista Piranesi
Etching from the series Le Carceri d'invenzione (Imaginary Prisons), 1761

Giovanni Battista Piranesi
Etching from the series Le Carceri d'invenzione (Imaginary Prisons), 1761

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