Thursday, February 18, 2021

The C64 Mini - Unboxing and Review


Hello folks! Finally a new video from UCD videos. This week I'm doing an unboxing and quick review of the C64 mini. This is a small miniaturized Commodore 64 which runs an emulator, with 64 built in games that came out in 2018. I didn't own a Commodore 64 when I was a kid, in fact I don't think I ever knew anyone who had one, so all of these games are new to me. It's a great little machine and definitely worth buying if you're into retro gaming.

Sunday, December 13, 2020

He-Man Masters of the Universe Origins Unboxing Review

Today we're doing an unboxing and review of He-Man, from the Masters of the Universe origins line. It took me a little longer to get my hands on this one as for the first few months they were bought up by scalpers, but the price has come down a bit lately. Most definitely wait, as these are like the best toys ever made.


Monday, September 28, 2020

Evil-Lyn Masters of the Universe Origins Unboxing Review

Unboxing and review of Evil-Lyn from the Masters of the Universe origins line. These figures are the greatest thing ever made.

Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Skeletor Masters of the Universe Origins Unboxing and Review


Hello folks! Today we're taking a look at Skeletor from the Masters of the Universe Origins line. These are remakes of the classic He-Man toys from the 80's. They are kind of the best things ever. I really like the styling and articulation. They look almost like something off the shelf from Toys R Us in 1985, but with modern articulation. The only thing I could possibly have a problem with this figure is to say it would've been great if they made it so the mouth could open and close. Besides that this figure is perfect.

Thursday, August 6, 2020

Horror Madballs Series 2 Unboxing & Review

Hello folks! Today we're taking a look at series 2 Horror Madballs from Kid Robot. Included is Pinhead, Pennywise, Chucky, and The Fiend (from the Misfits.) Madballs are my favorite retro toy to collect second only to Masters of the Universe. I know there's a series of Horror Madballs Keychains coming from Kid Robot as a follow up to these, which will also include characters such as Gizmo, Spike (from Gremlins,) Tiffany from Bride of Chucky, and some others. Here's hoping they include these guys in proper Madball form for series 3.

Friday, July 31, 2020

Zoloworld Legends of Darkness Vampire and Death Unboxing and Review

Hello everyone! This week we're looking at the Vampire and Death 5.5 MOTU style action figures, from Zoloworld's "Legends of Darkness" line. These are modern mass produced figures for the adult collector made in a vintage style, as homages to Remco's classic lines such as Warrior Beasts. These in particular are homages to the obscure "Speclatron" line which nowadays go for thousands of dollars.

When I say that I'm not kidding. Go to Ebay and look up "Speclatron" and you'll see the ridiculous prices the vintage figures sell for. These are a much more affordable alternative, and are worth owning in their own right.

Saturday, July 11, 2020

Toxic Crusaders "Ultimate Toxie" Figure from Super 7 Unboxing and Review

Hello folks. Today we're checking out Toxie, from Super 7's Ultimates line. These figures are made with the same basic body and articulation that Masters of the Universe Classics had, and fit right in with them on the shelf. The Toxic Avenger is my number one favorite  movie of all time, so happy to get a high quality figure of him.

I've actually met Lloyd Kaufman (the director of the Toxic Avenger) a couple of times at different comic conventions, he is the coolest guy ever. About ten years ago I saw him at the San Diego Comic con and managed to strike up a conversation. When I mentioned that I was an aspiring comic creator he immediately offered to let me use the Toxic Avenger in my webcomic. This guy who has a multi-million dollar property immediately offers to help out a virtual unknown, simply because he wants to encourage fans to create. Suffice to say I haven't taken him up on the offer (mainly because I never really came up with a story I think would be worthy of the character.) Maybe one of these days if my comic ever gets a following and I write something good enough I'll approach Troma with a formal proposal. Nevertheless, I thought the gesture was supremely cool, and it firmly lodged Mr.Kaufman as one of my lifelong idols.

Anyway, the figure is based on the Toxic Crusaders version of the character. Like all Super 7 Ultimates it uses the MOTU classics body type and articulation. Sometimes Super 7 has quality control issues with these figures, happy to say my particular example didn't have any problems, with the possible exception of semi-loose feeling bicep joints, but it was nothing that would be an issue. I'm very happy with this figure, here's hoping they make more of the Toxic Avenger/Crusaders figures. How about a figure of Sgt. Kabukiman NYPD?